February 8, 2018

Our Story

Our Story


Why St. Patrick?

In the Fifth Century, St. Patrick set out to convert the barbarians of Ireland to Christianity with little more than a Cross, a Chalice, and his Faith. That Faith was so strong, the entire island was converted without bloodshed. It brought about the reemergence of Christianity throughout Europe when it had all but disappeared, reconnecting people with each other, with God and with God’s truth.

About fifteen hundred years later, in 1998, a handful of families were sent to Collierville with a mission much like St. Patrick’s own: to reconnect people with their families, their neighbors, their Church and with God. It is a Church built on a long history of faith and in the small-town tradition that makes Collierville special. But it is also a church offering new ideas, new ways to make a difference, and plenty of new friends.

Evangelical Presbyterian?

Our beliefs, practices, and much of our story are tethered to our covenantal relationship to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. You can find our constitutional documents, doctrinal statements, position papers, and a whole host of missional connections on their website.