All About St. Patrick Presbyterian Church

What is St. Patrick Like?

The real question everyone wants to know when they visit a church is, “What is your church like?” St. Patrick is a place that is all about Jesus and because of that, it is a joy-filled community of broken people. We are a community of believers that love our town and are seeking to bless our neighbors. If you hang around much you will notice that we talk about Jesus, community, feasting, discipleship, and mission.

We believe passionately in the gospel and because of that, we love to gather together to worship and tell stories about Jesus. But, we also love to scatter to our neighborhoods, jobs, and spheres of influence and do the real work of ministry in those places. We also really, really believe that Jesus is making all things new right now! That means we see Jesus in all the ordinary textures of life – Jesus redeems “life in the mundane” and crowns it with meaning and purpose! Most of all, life at St. Patrick is well, just – “real.”

Our Name

In the Fifth Century, St. Patrick set out to convert the barbarians of Ireland to Christianity with little more than a Cross, a Chalice and his Faith. That Faith was so strong, the entire island was converted without bloodshed. It brought about the reemergence of Christianity throughout Europe when it had all but disappeared, reconnecting people with each other, with God and with God’s truth.

Today, St. Patrick is the name we have chosen for our Church in Collierville. Our mission is to reconnect the people of Collierville with their families, their neighbors, their Church and with God. It is a Church built on a long history of faith and in the small-town tradition that makes Collierville special. But it is also a church offering new ideas, new ways to make a difference, and plenty of new friends. (If you would like to read more, check out this article).

Our Vision

St. Patrick Presbyterian Church exists to embody Christ in the everyday as we make disciples of Jesus who love God, love people, and love life.

This is a simple statement, but it really captures what St. Patrick is all about. God has called us to love him – he is the hero of the Story, and the only one worthy of our worship. He has called us to love people – his image bearers and our neighbors. Finally, he has called us to love life. He has given us an amazing physical world – a world that Jesus came to redeem and restore – and as we enjoy the good gifts he has given us, we are able to participate in that restoration! When we do those things well in our everyday lives, we reflect the incarnation in of God in flesh and blood to those around us in such a way that all of our relationships become redemptive. In short, we live the life of discipleship together.

Everyday life of disciples in the St. Patrick family revolves around four shared family values:

  • Grace is Everything – We believe the gospel is the beginning and the end of everything we do. We belong and matter because of the person and work of Christ, not because of any merit we bring to the table. Therefore, grace is the basis and the standard for all of our practices. We are blessed to be a blessing.
  • Feasting is Kingdom Work – The Bible uses the dinner table as its primary picture of the good life. We believe shared meals are the place where reconciliation happens, and we believe good food and drink are not merely decoration, but are facilitators of that healing.
  • Community is Family – We reject the world’s idea of community as transactional or affinity-based networking. Because the triune God is a family in himself, those who bear his image are designed to live as those who know and are known within an extended family, of which he is the head. We will live in covenant with one another.
  • Heaven is Local – Because we are Christ’s body, the temple of the Living God, we believe the answer to our prayer to see life “on earth as it is in heaven” is the local church. As culture makers, whenever we engage with the true, the good, and the beautiful, we are showing forth the power and presence of the God who is near and reconciling all things in Christ Jesus.

What We Believe

St. Patrick is committed to the tenets of historic Christian orthodoxy, as well as the particulars of the Reformed faith, as set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and its Larger and Shorter Catechisms. To view these doctrinal beliefs at length, click here.