Gospel DNA

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What is Gospel DNA?

Gospel DNA is about a six-month adventure with one or two other people who meet weekly, men with men, women with women, to introduce and reintroduce each other to the person and power of Jesus and to explore together what gospel transformation looks like. Three things are at the heart of Gospel DNA

  • Leaning to hear God speak to you in his word as a regular rhythm of your life.
  • Learning to use the gospel to help you find deep and lasting change in your life.
  • Learning to share the gospel and learning to make new or better disciples of Jesus.

Gospel DNA is the “continuing gospel conversation” we use to equip and make new and better disciples of Jesus at St. Patrick. It is how we train “disciples of Jesus to make new and better disciples of Jesus.”

What is DNA like?

Most DNA Groups meet weekly at a restaurant, coffee house, or a quiet place. They meet any time of day that is convenient. This time together is to train each other in tangible ways, ask each other “heart questions” about how God is speaking to you in his Word, and to pray for each other.

Why is Gospel DNA effective?

In the Bible we see large groups and small groups, but also the need for a really small group of just a couple of people. Experience shows that there are just some things in life that we can’t get at in any other setting than a few people walking together in the gospel over a period of time. We expect and see radical healing as people lean to trust each other and learn to trust the power of the gospel for real and lasting change and joy!

Pathways into a Gospel DNA group?

  • If you want to learn to be a “disciple-maker,” or how to be a “better disciple of Jesus,” using Gospel DNA you must contact Jim Holland, Jon Isbell, or Elaine Bartges (info@stpatrickpres.com).
  • One of our leaders will have lunch with you and tell you more about Gospel DNA and answer whatever questions you might have to make sure you are ready for the commitment. There are expectations involved which is why we interview everyone who is going through Gospel DNA.
  • You will then be assigned a leader and given a Gospel DNA guide (physically or digitally). Your group will then decide when and where you meet.

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