Christ the King

I suppose it is fitting to end the church calendar year with Christ the King Sunday. I mean, after the year we have had it is fitting that the church father’s set aside Sunday to knock us in the head and remind us that the kings that reign over super power nations are accounted by nothing by the King of all Kings. I don’t know about you but I am glad that the final word in history is not written by the rulers around us!

This Sunday we are starting to think about Advent as we think about Jesus as our King. We are going to be looking at the book of Revelation for the next month! Yes, you heard me, Revelation. Most of us are afraid of Revelation except to note that it is the last chapter of the great story of God and as we peek ahead in our fears and anxieties we are comforted to know that God and his people win in the end.

Another thought has occurred to me lately as I have studied in this bizarre world of slaughtered lambs, dragons, thrones, and beasts; this book has strangely pastored my soul well. Yes, this book which reads and looks like an adult graphic novel is written in such a way as to stop you in your tracks, wake you up, or to take you by the hand and say—‘Look!’ Look and see behind the veil to what is really true. Look and see how a slaughtered lamb will make all the bad things come untrue.

So, this Sunday we are going to look and ponder how we “come at” the book of Revelation so that it makes sense pastorally and also instructs us well as we ponder Advent—both the first coming of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus. Hope to see you there.



P.S. If you haven’t turned in your “Setting the Table” pledge card please plan to do so. We have not yet collected half the number. Our goal is 100% participation, so help us make this come true.