Losing My Religion

In the South when you get really ticked and you just lay into someone tooth and claw, you might describe that as “losing your religion.” It is a statement that means you have lost all civility, grace, and decorum—you are in a bad place and out of control. R.E.M made that popular and the writer was learning a new instrument when he come up with the lyrics. The same might be written by me when I am learning a new shot in golf.

While losing one’s religion is typically not a good thing, this Sunday we will be talking about ‘losing your religion’ as a good thing! In fact, in the South the best thing that can happen to most people is to lose their religion. It might just be that religion is keeping more people from Christ than irreligious activity is! Jesus actually hated religion! Most of what Jesus had to say in the gospels is not setting up a contrast between true faith and irreligion, but true faith and religion. He said to the religious leaders, “You have heard it said, but I say…” So I hope to see you Sunday and hope to convince you that you really need to lose your religion.

Speaking of threats, please keep Texas and now Florida in your prayers. We will send out more communications about how you can help next week. It is shocking to watch these horrific storms unfold. It is equally hard to try and ask God what our part is living so far away.

One other thing, if you are new to the church, we start a special class for you this Sunday during the Sunday School hour called, “Inquirer’s Class.” It is what it says, a class to inquire as to what St. Patrick believes about the gospel, what our vision and purpose are, and to see if this is the family God wants you to partner with. No obligations to join. The last thing I ever do is hustle people. In fact, if you get through the class and still don’t want to join, chances are I can help you find a place where God will use you!