The Game of Thrones

What a great day this Sunday will be! I do hope you will all come early as we have brunch starting at 9:15 and with that a chance to see where your kids will be during Sunday School and also to see where our Adult Sunday School will be held (I’m not telling)! It is curious to me that the God who is not bound by time, has no beginning and no end, would make us creatures to whom this means so much. So we are celebrating the beginning of the Fall rhythms this Sunday.

Also, it is exciting because we are talking about one of the most important passages in the Bible, Colossians 1:15-23.  It is important because it is a poem about Jesus—Jesus as the true King of the universe. Christianity sort of rises or falls on this sort of passage. This passage leaves no doubt that Jesus is not just a good man who was done wrong, a prophet who found a bad end, or a would-be Messiah who was killed. No, this passage portrays Jesus as the one to whom all creation owes allegiance because of his Deity and also because of his death on the cross for sin.

To say Jesus is the true king has staggering implications for us today just as it did for the community who first heard these words. These words about who Jesus was took such hold in the imagination of this church and many like it, that slowly those who came under Jesus’ kingship subverted the throne that dominated their lives—Rome! This Sunday we are looking at Jesus’ rule and reign and then, for the rest of the book, we will look at how this works out in ways that totally turn the culture on its head.

Check out this video on YouTube that is 10 minutes long and in an amazingly artistic and succinct manner gives you an overview of the book of Colossians. Please take a few minutes and view this, it really is amazing. I can’t wait to be with you on Sunday for this new beginning!