The Revolution of Easter

Yes, that is the title to our Easter message. I struggled with whether to use the world “revolution” or not. I even called Josh and asked his opinion. Revolution is an emotionally charged word. The two most famous ones for us in America are The Americian Revolution and The French Revolution. We could name others but when we talk about revolution it is typically to speak of a new regime coming in to take over. It is usually done with power, coercion and force. We think of weapons, dead bodies, and carnage, whether it was a righteousness cause or not and what the outcome was. What ever your stance on ‘revolution’ it is typically the most powerful side wins.

So to talk about Easter as a revolution is risky and yet, it seems the only word appropriate to describe the aftermath of what happened when Jesus rose from the grave. It did affect a revolution, but not like any the world has ever seen. When a man gets up out of the grave in the middle of human history – it changes everything – you have to deal with it. Only a god could do that and if he has the power over life and death we must listen to him.

And yet, this risen savior started a revolution that has gone forth without coercion, without guns, without twisting people’s arms and after 2000 years roughly 31% of the population would say they are part of this “Jesus revolution.” Jesus’ resurrection changed everything, and his revolution proceeds with love – his own of course. To say this Easter Revolution was without bloodshed would be misleading, but when we look at the violence and bloodshed that started it – it is what draws us in – Jesus took violence to himself to bear it away. This is a game changer. This Easter Sunday we’ll talk about it. Hope to see you there and remember to bring a friend!