February 8, 2018

Community Groups

Community Groups


What are Community Groups?

The most important way to get plugged into the life and community of St. Patrick is by being actively involved in a Community Group. This is the primary place where you will “know and be known,” be cared for, and learn to apply the gospel of Jesus to every part of your life. The Community Group setting is small enough for trust to be developed over time which allows radical ministry and deep healing to take place.

Also, in a small group of people we are more likely to bring our gifts and participate rather than just being part of a crowd where usually the most gifted and strongest dominate. As the group develops intimacy we are able to share the good and bad in our lives, love others in practical ways, and provide support and encouragement to other members. We’ve expressed this concept in our vision statement for Community Groups:

Community Groups are the primary place where individual believers will experience the power and presence of Jesus Christ. Lives will be transformed through mutual ministry.

What will I experience in a Community Group?

Community Groups are composed of 10-16 people. They usually meet in homes, but some meet at restaurants or offices around Collierville, Germantown, and Piperton. They are led by trained leaders from our church who receive support and oversight from our leadership. Groups meet weekly two to four times a month during the school year and generally have a reduced frequency during the summer. A typical Community Group meeting is an hour and a half long and consists of delicious food and drink, fellowship, Bible Study, and prayer. Some groups provide for their own childcare and other groups meet so they can take advantage of childcare at the church. We encourage groups to conduct projects outside their group so they can be a blessing to the city.

Are Community Groups really important?

We were built for community! But admittedly, real community is hard to find in our world of travel and technology. It is hard to make time for community and harder still to be part of a group where you really can share the ups and downs of life in a place where you know you will find support and sanctuary from the pressures and anxieties of life. In Community Groups the setting is small enough to share, know, be known, and be shown care. Again, trust has to be developed over time for radical ministry and deep healing to take place. Community Groups are places where we can be revitalized and strengthened as we seek to reflect the love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. As God made us for community, we need others to help us apply the gospel to our lives. Our hope is that everyone who attends our church will be involved in a Community Group.