The Apostles’ Creed

I often heard it said in my youth, “No book but the Bible!” “No Creed but Jesus.” This was uttered by well-meaning religious people who wanted to protect themselves and me from a “cold orthodoxy.” The thinking was that “dogma” or specific truth statements like creeds and confessions were divisive, and we just needed to[…]

The God Who Sings

Last November, Teri and I stood before a judge in downtown Memphis. The courtroom was standing room only, as most of our family and many close friends were there. Courtrooms have a certain gravitas about them; issues of life and death are transacted within those hallowed walls. Therefore, the room was mostly quiet as we[…]

Stones of Remembrance

After Israel had served its time in the wilderness and was finally about to inherit the promise of their own land, where they would put down roots and become a blessing to the world, there was one last obstacle—the Jordan River! After doing an inventory, they came to the harsh realization about their circumstances—they were[…]

A Legacy of Losing Control

When I was a dopey lad of 19, my future father-in-law for some reason trusted me to take his baby girl to prom in his brand new Corvette. I had no idea why, except that perhaps he knew it was clean and reliable and he wasn’t so sure about my ’89 Corolla. I’m sure you[…]

The Audacity of Lent

Not everything the church has done through the ages has been helpful. Some of the things that religious people have done have been downright foolish and, like other social fads, have faded with time. But one of the things the church has done right is the season of Lent. Lent is the 40 days marked[…]

A Seat at the Table

You have most likely heard the old story about the preacher who was preaching on giving. Now, he was obviously not from a Presbyterian tradition, but from a tradition where, if you ask a rhetorical question, the congregation will answer you. The minister was at the crescendo of his sermon on giving—the culmination of a[…]

Here We Go Again

You may have been hearing rumblings of it for a few months now, but later this month we will start a Generosity Initiative to raise money to build out our current facility. You might look at this addition as “part two” of phase one. We knew when we built our current building a couple of[…]

Blessing the Town

In staff meeting on Tuesday, Wendy came into our meeting, beaming. “Guess what, just got a call from the Collierville Town Beautiful Commission informing us we won the September Beautification Award!” She then asked if we wanted to have our picture made in front of the sign and, needless to say, I said, “Of course,[…]